Sections of
Bucharest International Film Festival

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Official Competition

The festival represents the first major feature film competition held in Bucharest, since 2005. Embracing the art-house cinema, the festival encourages new film movements, the discovery of talents, and the promotion of emerging filmmakers. The official competition consists of seven auteur films with a strong aesthetic vision, from first-time or second-time feature film directors. The official selection will be announced in mid-August.

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The Panorama section consists of 8 films awarded or nominated at the most important film festivals around the world, made by well-known authors, but with great potential to appeal to the public, screened for the first time in Bucharest. The world cinema is evolving year after year and it's important to keep up with the best films around the globe. The selection will be announced in the beginning of August.

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Focus Greece

Focus Greece - organized with the support of the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Bucharest. BIFF will screen two recently awarded feature films at the most important film festivals in the world and will continue the partnership with the Drama International Film Festival, through presentation of four award-winning Greek short films from the 2020 edition. Every year, Bucharest International Film Festival dedicates a spotlight on a cinematically flourishing country.

Centenary King Michael

"100 years since the birth of King Michael I of Romania" or as we like to call it "Centenary King Michael", organized with the support of the Royal House.The opening film of the program will be "The King's War" directed by Trevor Poots. The Historical Documentary Film “The King's War”, executive producer John Florescu and Dan Drăghicescu, won the award for the best historical documentary awarded by ICR at CinePolitica. This section will include debates moderated by Andrew Popper and Alexandru Muraru.

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Special Spania

Special Program Spain: valuable Spanish productions to mark the celebration of the 140th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Romania and Spain. In recent years, Spanish cinema has achieved high marks of recognition and numerous accolades at the most important film festivals. BIFF will prepare an unmissable run of great Spanish productions.

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Romanian Authors

Romanian Authors Section: dedicated to Romanian cinema, including both classic films and movies from the Romanian New Wave movement, in order to highlight the dynamism of our cinematic culture. Even though we enjoy foreign films and famous filmmakers, it's important to shed a light on our own talented people and great productions.

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BIFF masterclasses, as a platform of dialogue and source of motivation and inspiration, facilitate networking between young, talented filmmakers and leading experts and creative professionals from the international film industry.

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Socially United in Cinema

Socially United in Cinema, section curated by Cristina Cepraga, consisting of short films with a strong social theme, which will be followed by debates with special guests. "It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act" – His Holiness the Dalai Lama.