Dear Comrades!



When the communist government raises food prices in 1962, the rebellious workers from the small industrial town of Novocherkassk go on strike. The massacre which then ensues is seen through the eyes of a devout party activist.

  • International title: Dear Comrades!
  • Original title: Дорогие товарищи!
  • Year: 2020
  • Director: Andrei Konchalovsky
  • Country: Rusia
  • Dialogues: Russian
  • Genres: History, Drama
  • Length: 120 min
  • Cast: Yuliya Vysotskaya, Vladislav Komarov, Andrei Gusev, Yulia Burova

Selective list of festivals and awards: Special Jury Prize. Venice 2020

Director’s biography: Andrei (Andron) Sergeyevich Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky (Russian: Андре́й (Андро́н) Серге́евич Михалко́в-Кончало́вский; born 20 August 1937, Moscow) is a Russian filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, producer and theater, TV director, who works in Russia and USA. His father was the writer Sergey Mikhalkov (1913) and the brother of Nikita Mikhalkov (1945), who is also a well known Russian filmmaker. Andrei Konchalovsky was a frequent collaborator of Andrei Tarkovsky (1932) earlier in his career. His work has won numerous accolades, including the „Cannes Grand Prix Spécial du Jury”, a „FIPRESCI Award”, two „Silver Lions”, three „Golden Eagle Awards”, and a „Primetime Emmy Award”.